Godai runs on the Solana network. Therefore, before being able to play you will need to be in possession of Solana wallet and some SOL to pay for the transaction fees.

Current version of the game is deployed on devnet. To play the game you will need to switch your wallet's network to devnet and obtain some devnet SOL.

Solana wallets

There are numerous Solana wallets to choose from. You can feel free to choose any of the popular wallets that is compatible for your browser. Here we list some of the wallets that have been tested to work well with our app:

You can find more wallets on the Solana Ecosystem page.


Apart from a wallet, you will also need some SOL (Solana's native currency) to pay for the transactions. Currently the game is published on devnet, so you can obtain the devnet SOL for free via the official Solana devnet faucet. Once the game will go live you will need to obtain the mainnet SOL, which can be purchased on all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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