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The Acolytes are a set of individual fighters and comprise the primary collection of the Godai world. Each fighter comes with a set of traits that determine his predispositions for mastering each of the five elements. The fighters are recruited by Masters who are always on a lookout to expand their clans.

When a fighter joins a clan, he can begin his combat journey. By participating in quests, duels and tournaments he can earn experience points and Taels. The experience points allow him to level-up and unlock new attribute points that can be used to increase the proficiency in the elements of his Master's choice. The Taels can be used to unlock new fighter's skills, redistribute his attribute points or purchase items from the marketplace.

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Arenas are sacred battlegrounds within which the duels take place. Each arena comes with a set of traits that determine its affinity towards each of the five elements. While the arenas are static (do not level-up like fighters do), they are invaluable to clans as they enable the fighters to train faster, allow one to start new battles on home ground and provide additional source of income to the Masters.

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