⚙️Battle system

The battles in Godai follow a strict ancient creed. It is based on the fundamental interplay of the five elements and fighters' abilities. While the key notions are easy to grasp, mastering the battle system takes serious dedication and loads of training.

The Elements

The world of Godai consists of five elements: Eath, Fire, Wood, Water and Metal. To become a successful warrior, it is first necessary to understand the nature of each element and master the relations between them.

☯️The Elements

Key battle concepts

There are a number of concepts the Masters should understand before engage in battles. Most of them should be familiar, but some might be new:

🗂️Key battle concepts

Combat rules

Once the Master is familiar with the elements and has learned the key battle concepts, he can start devising his battle strategy according to the combat rules.

🥊Combat rules

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