🥊Combat rules

The combat between the fighters proceeds in turns. There is a maximum of 12 turns, but the battle can end prematurely if the HP of one of the fighters reaches 0. The winning fighter is the one with the higher renaming HP at the end of the battle.

Every turn of the battle each of the two fighters attacks with an action selected for that turn. The outcome of the turn is determined on the basis of the relation of the elements corresponding to the selected attacks. There are three possible outcomes:

  • Critical hit: fighter with the dominating element deals 2x base damage to the opponent

  • Energizing hit: fighter with overcoming element deals 1x base damage to the opponent and receives 2x base FP

  • Stalemate: both fighters selected the same action, in which case no damage is dealt, but they both gain the base FP

The fighter that scores a hit against his opponent also activates a skill if one is available (if any of the skill is fully charged, i.e. has accumulated the required amount of FP). If multiple skills are available the first (i.e. left-most) one is selected.

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