🚩Battle types

The the world of Godai the Masters can deploy their Acolytes in battles of different types. There exist three distinct categories of PvP duels, while one battle type is reserved for PvE.

1. Skirmishes (PvP)

This category represent unranked battles that take place in the back alleys of the Godai cities and villages. Due to their illicit nature they do not count towards clan ranking. However, in this battle type the clan Masters can agree on a bounty that will be awarded to the winner. Besides the bounty, the winner also receives some experience points for his fighter.

2. Clashes (PvP)

These ranked battles represent the core element of the Acolytes' codex. By competing through clashes the Masters can increase the reputation of their clans, as well as earn significant amount of experience and Taels. However, participating in these artful battles requires large amounts of Chi.

3. Tournaments (PvP)

Tournaments represent the highest form of battle in the world of Godai. In order to enter these sacred events the clans must first qualify themselves or come in the possession of an entry ticket. The winners of the tournaments are awarded with unparalleled rewards.

4. Quests (PvE)

The Acolytes can embarks on a quest to defeat evil that is troubling the land of Godai. The master must prepare his strategy and equip the fighter based on the unique quest briefing as he sees fit. There are different difficulty levels for the quests and consequently they come with different rewards; the harder the quest, the greater the reward. The majority of the quest rewards are in form of fighter experience points and Taels.

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