🎮Game mechanics


In Godai the user is set in the role of clan Masters. Each clan consists of the Acolytes (fighter NFTs), that have been collected by the Master. Even if the Master does not own any of the Acolytes, he can still participate in battles by renting the NFTs from other users, albeit that requires him to pay a small fee to the owner.

The game allows the players to pursue different goals. Depending on the user's preference, he/she can either choose to pursue glory by competing in tournaments or leaderboard competitions, focus on maximizing his earnings in duels, or enjoy the immersive lore through the endless series of unique quests. Furthermore, the users can also chose a passive approach, where they level up their fighters through meditation and/or earn fees by renting them out to other users.

Game modes

Generally speaking, there are two different main way in which a player can advance in the world of Godai. First option is to actively participate in battles and second one is to progress passively through staking mechanics. The transition between the game modes is seamless and the players can easily adapt their gaming style to the amount of time that they currently have at their disposal.


All battles within the game are duels between between two players. Each battle takes place in an arena, which determines the environment and its affinity to various elements. However, there are important differences between various battle type and their rewards. More details can be found in:

🚩Battle types

Upon joining the battle, the user needs to choose the Acolyte he/she wishes to deploy (this can be either their own fighter or one rented from another user). For the selected fighter he/she then needs to specify the build, which consists of a sequence of attacks and a set of skills. Each attack is associated with one of the five elements and it strength is determined by the previous attacks and fighter's attributes. The chosen set of skills augments the attacks when certain criteria are met. More details can be found in:

⚙️Battle system

The outcome of each battle is entirely determined by the builds that the users have selected. Therefore, chose wisely and make sure that you use the elements to your advantage!


Apart from battles that require active involvement of the user, the game supports also passive game modes, commonly referred to as staking. In Godai users can choose between two types of staking, namely meditation and renting. Meditation allows the clan to accumulate addition Chi and earn experience points for the staked Acolytes, while renting allows the clan Masters to earn through fees by lending the NFTs to other users. For more details see:


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