Actively engaging in battles offers the fastest way for Masters to earn glory and riches. However, there exists also another path, more suitable for those who wish to grow while being absent from the realm of Godai. This is enabled either by entering a deep state of meditation or renting out your NFTs to other users.


Meditation allows Acolytes to earn experience points and Chi over time. While being in the state of meditation they can not participate in battles or be rented to other players. Furthermore, entering the state of meditation requires certain warmup time, while upon exiting the state of meditation the fighter can not enter meditation again until the cooldown period has elapsed. However, the meditation rewards can be collected without the fighter leaving the meditation state.


Renting allows a Master to passively earn fees from other users by providing them access to his/her NFTs. The fee rates (minimum fee and bounty percentage) are determined by the Master. The fees are paid by the user borrowing an NFT and can be claimed by the owner once the battle has finished. Additionally, the Acolytes that are borrowed and take part in battles earn 10% of the experience points that they would earn if they entered the battle with their own Master. While the NFTs are rented they can not be used for battles or enter meditation.

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