☯️The Elements

Relations between the elements

First step in becoming a skillful fighter is gaining the knowledge of the five elements and their relations. There exist three possible types of relations between a given pair of elements:

  • Dominating (thick black line)

  • Overcoming (thin black line)

  • Generating (gray line)

The Acolyte's mastery of a certain element is determined in the number of attribute points invested in that element. With each level Acolytes earn additional attribute points that can be spent as their Master sees best fit. The attribute points determine the damage bonus and skill power for the specific element.

Actions and the Elements

Each element has an associated action that the fighters can perform during the battle to deal damage to the opponent:

  • Earth -> Punch

  • Fire -> Kick

  • Wood -> Block

  • Water -> Sweep

  • Metal -> Charge

Elemental bonuses

Additionally, each element is associated with specific bonus:

  • Earth -> Bonus health (+1 max HP per attribute level)

  • Fire -> Bonus physical damage (+0.06 base physical damage per attribute level)

  • Wood -> Bonus heal (+0.1 HP heal per turn per attribute level)

  • Water -> Bonus defense (+0.2 physical damage reduction per attribute level)

  • Metal -> Bonus focus (+0.1 base FP per turn per attribute level)

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