👋Welcome to Godai

Ultimate competitive strategy game on the Solana network

Current version of the game is deployed on devnet. To play the game you will need to switch your wallet's network to devnet and obtain some devnet SOL.


Godai is web3 game with the focus on strategy and skill. It is set in the world of martial arts, governed by the principle of the five elements (Wuxing / Gogyo). Each user controls a clan of fighters, with which he can compete against other players in several game modes (PvP) or embark on unique quests (PvE).

Each fighter is an NFT that can gradually level up and gain new strengths and abilities to use in battles. The fighters can be rented within the game or freely traded on secondary marketplaces.

The world of Godai offers numerous opportunities for earning rewards. One can win bounties through skirmishes against other players, compete for prestige rewards in grand tournaments or simply rent NFTs to other users in exchange for a fee.

Knowledge base

🌏The lore🥷NFT collection(s)🎮Game mechanics

How to play

1️⃣Creating a clan

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